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A Tribute

Posted by on November 13, 2006

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Written on October 31, 2006:

I recently read a novel in free verse for my Children’s Literature class. Free verse does not have to rhyme and does not follow a specific rhythm. It is best read out loud, and though it sometimes sounds choppy, it is for added effect. As I began writing this journal entry, I realized that this style of poetry writing would best reflect my feelings.

If only you had seen
the huge fuss
I made about
to go home
last weekend
Daddy forgot
to get the emissions checked
on my car.
I was so
mad at him.
I didn’t want
to drive all the way home
I complained
about it
all week
to practically
I saw.
it seems so clear to me,
and I am moved
to tears
with amazement.
Mommy and Daddy
will probably be
taking Sydney
to the vet
for the
last time.
If I had not gone home
last weekend,
I would have
gotten to see her
that one
last time.
But God knew
what He was doing.
He knew
that Sydney would be sick
Sydney was
her normal,
self last weekend.
Her eyes
lit up and
she wagged her tail
when I walked in
the door.
She whined at me
when I stopped
scratching her tummy.
She tried
so hard
to be the center
of our Nerts game.
to everyone,
Sydney has been
the best dog

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