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Dancing in the Middle of the Mess

I spent 2 hours this afternoon cleaning out, scrubbing, and organizing our refrigerator… only to have the freezer start leaking water out onto the floor when I was finished. It’s not the first time this has happened; I was just hoping that last week’s plumber visit would have solved the problem. But here we are, … Continue reading »

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Embracing God’s Plans

In just a few short months, my life has undergone extreme change — leaving my job, my orchestra, and my church to start a new life as a married woman in a new house in a new city and new community. Most of the time I’m loving all the newness, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. … Continue reading »

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I Am Not Alone

I still remember the first time I had to drive past the location of my car accident last winter. Sick to my stomach with anxiety and fear, I sat on the bathroom floor, tears streaming down my face. I texted several friends, seeking comfort and encouragement. It was getting to the point where I was … Continue reading »

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Choose Joy

God is always teaching me to trust Him. Recently, I am comforted by the truth that His precious care for me is reflected in His care for all of His creation, specifically the birds. Curled up with my crocheted blanket on the couch in my bedroom, I sat in silence. My heart turned toward the Lord in … Continue reading »

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God is Looking for Daily Dependence

“God doesn’t want you to be self-reliant; He wants you to ask Him for your daily bread.” -Jim Newheiser So often I feel like I need to be able to please the Lord and live a righteous life in my own strength… and when discover that I can’t, the failure becomes discouraging. But God is not … Continue reading »

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An Answer in Loneliness

I couldn’t stop crying. My heart felt like it might break from loneliness. I realized what was at the root of my longing as I cried, “I just want someone to take care of me!” And then I heard the comforting, secure voice answer: “I will take care of you.” Instantly, the tears stopped as … Continue reading »

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Serving the Lord in Singleness – Chapter 4

Use Your Energy to Serve the Lord Another Sunday, and I came home from church feeling empty. I had begun to notice a pattern that was confusing to me. After times of fellowship with the body of Christ was when I felt the most dissatisfied. I felt disappointed that others had not served me, encouraged … Continue reading »

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