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Spiritual Growth

Becoming “Mamam”

“I thought I’d become a mother the day my baby was born. It isn’t so. Mothers join the ranks slowly, gradually, one caress, one diaper, one feeding at a time. And then one day we look down, and there they are: the hands of a mother, gently and with enormous strength doing the most important … Continue reading »

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Motherhood Beginnings: One Hard Day

Yesterday was a hard day. Steve had to get up before 7 to leave early for work because he had a meeting from 8 am to 1 pm. Which also meant I couldn’t call to talk to him until late in the day. Plus, because we knew he had to get up early, I had … Continue reading »

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I boxed up my classroom today. Year 2 of teaching K-5 music with the Cherry Creek Options program is complete! (Except for field days and our teacher work day.) It’s been a fun adventure the past two years surrounded by the Denver Tech Center, but I’m definitely looking forward to our new building. No more … Continue reading »

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Perseverance that Deepens Our Trust in God

Perseverance comes from the Greek word hypomone, meaning “to remain under” and is sometimes translated “patience.” Learning patience is difficult, but important, in our walk of faith. Throughout our lives, the Lord lovingly places us in various trials and tribulations, situations that squeeze and press us. Lovingly?! you may ask. Yes, lovingly. For you see, trials and tribulations … Continue reading »

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He Knows

Isn’t it amazing how music can draw us back in time, making our memories feel as if they were just yesterday? Jeremy Camp’s song “He Knows” came on my worship playlist this afternoon, and as I let the words wash over me, they brought me back to a moment when I heard those words when … Continue reading »

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God’s Invisible Attributes

In my Bible study, we are just now starting our in-depth study of the book of Romans. Today my focus was learning about the character of God from Romans chapter 1. A few of my favorites: He is the author of the gospel. (v. 1) His will determines all that happens. (v. 10) He holds … Continue reading »

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The Bench

Sometimes there’s one moment in time that changes all the rest. Of course, the moment of meeting the man who one day becomes your husband is monumental. However, as relationships grow and develop, there are often other moments that become cornerstones of change. It was Sunday, November 1, 2015. I was giddy with excitement as … Continue reading »

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