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The Bench

Sometimes there’s one moment in time that changes all the rest. Of course, the moment of meeting the man who one day becomes your husband is monumental. However, as relationships grow and develop, there are often other moments that become cornerstones of change. It was Sunday, November 1, 2015. I was giddy with excitement as … Continue reading »

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Waiting for God’s Provision

For years we had been waiting and praying. It seemed as if maybe God’s plan was for us to live lives of singleness for His glory. However, on September 25, 2015, Chris and Lyssa Jones organized a double date to introduce me to a man named Steve Turner. “You two just need to meet!” was … Continue reading »

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Serving the Lord in Singleness – Chapter 6

Sexual Purity in Singleness What if I never marry? Doesn’t that mean I will never experience the pleasure of sex? What, then, do I do with my sexual desires? How can I possibly remain pure my entire life? Discontentment in my status as a single person stood side-by-side with the deepest parts of my struggle … Continue reading »

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Serving the Lord in Singleness – Chapter 5

My Place in the Church One of my fears in being single is the fear of being alone, without a connection to a family of my own or a community. A Christian, however, is never alone because first of all, God Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Hebrews 13:8) and … Continue reading »

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An Answer in Loneliness

I couldn’t stop crying. My heart felt like it might break from loneliness. I realized what was at the root of my longing as I cried, “I just want someone to take care of me!” And then I heard the comforting, secure voice answer: “I will take care of you.” Instantly, the tears stopped as … Continue reading »

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Serving the Lord in Singleness – Chapter 4

Use Your Energy to Serve the Lord Another Sunday, and I came home from church feeling empty. I had begun to notice a pattern that was confusing to me. After times of fellowship with the body of Christ was when I felt the most dissatisfied. I felt disappointed that others had not served me, encouraged … Continue reading »

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Serving the Lord in Singleness – Chapter 3

An Attitude of Selflessness Singleness could be for a short season, or it could be for a lifetime. I have wrestled with many questions as I have seen friend after friend get married while I still wait, as I have noticed loving relationships in my own family and in the families at my church. And … Continue reading »

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