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I boxed up my classroom today. Year 2 of teaching K-5 music with the Cherry Creek Options program is complete! (Except for field days and our teacher work day.) It’s been a fun adventure the past two years surrounded by the Denver Tech Center, but I’m definitely looking forward to our new building. No more … Continue reading »

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A Snapshot in Time

Isn’t it interesting how so much can change in such a short time? I don’t usually write a “bio” for my blog because unless it’s super general, it has to be continually updated. However, I just discovered this bio I had written on my blog two years ago. And I realized how much it captured … Continue reading »

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A New Kind of School Year

This past year I moved from teaching 4th/5th graders in a rural public school to teaching K-5th grade homeschoolers in the heart of the Denver Tech Center. Instead of a peaceful drive surrounded by cornfields and farm animals, I battled spots of slow traffic on 3 lane busy streets and the infamous I-25. It’s not … Continue reading »

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Joy Dare: January 14th

Today’s Joy Dare: Find 3 startling graces of God and give thanks for them 1. It was a tough day at school. My most difficult students were being most difficult. It seemed like most of my students were pushing the limits today: talking when they shouldn’t have been, messing around when they thought I wouldn’t … Continue reading »

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Joy Dare: January 9th

January 9th: A Gift Held, Passed By, and Sat With Today I am thankful for: 1. A Gift “Held”: One of my 5th graders, who happens to also be my most difficult student lately, surprised me with a birthday note today…even though my birthday isn’t until the end of the month. Made my day. :) … Continue reading »

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Is God Absent from our Public Schools?

Over the past several decades, public education has been uprooted from its biblical beginnings. Prayer was removed, conversations about God are taboo, and Bibles are seen as a threat.¬†One woman who interviewed for a job at my school was turned down simply because her only experience was in a private Christian school, and the principal … Continue reading »

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What Matters

There’s so much pressure put on teachers these days. CSAP and TCAP are a thing of the past, yet the scores still impact us as teachers. The PARCC test is now looming over everyone’s heads and there is pressure to “teach to the test”–and only to the test, because that’s what’s important. Senate Bill 191 … Continue reading »

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