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Just Life

My Grandma Valentine was Sunshine

My Grandma Valentine was sunshine. Even before she accepted Christ as her personal Lord and Savior, God made my grandma an amazing woman. Looking back on her life, anyone can see that she had the special ability to love others with her whole heart and serve with great joy. Her smile could light up the … Continue reading »

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Then and Now

As any homeowner knows, house projects are a never-ending to-do list. However, it can be fun to see how your house transforms over time. We’ve been changing a lot of things in our home in just a little over a year!

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The Bench

Sometimes there’s one moment in time that changes all the rest. Of course, the moment of meeting the man who one day becomes your husband is monumental. However, as relationships grow and develop, there are often other moments that become cornerstones of change. It was Sunday, November 1, 2015. I was giddy with excitement as … Continue reading »

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A Snapshot in Time

Isn’t it interesting how so much can change in such a short time? I don’t usually write a “bio” for my blog because unless it’s super general, it has to be continually updated. However, I just discovered this bio I had written on my blog two years ago. And I realized how much it captured … Continue reading »

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Dancing in the Middle of the Mess

I spent 2 hours this afternoon cleaning out, scrubbing, and organizing our refrigerator… only to have the freezer start leaking water out onto the floor when I was finished. It’s not the first time this has happened; I was just hoping that last week’s plumber visit would have solved the problem. But here we are, … Continue reading »

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Waiting for God’s Provision

For years we had been waiting and praying. It seemed as if maybe God’s plan was for us to live lives of singleness for His glory. However, on September 25, 2015, Chris and Lyssa Jones organized a double date to introduce me to a man named Steve Turner. “You two just need to meet!” was … Continue reading »

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Christmas in the Eyes of a Cat

┬áChristmas! A time filled with lights, dangling toys, music, and coziness! The Christmas tree makes the perfect hiding spot. And there are toys dangling everywhere so that I can jump up and snatch them down to play with. I love all the extra snuggle time with my human since she has a break from work. … Continue reading »

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