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God’s promises

Posted by on June 21, 2005

I’ve seen a rainbow in the sky two days in a row! Yesterday I was in Colorado Springs, and after it rained there was a rainbow. Tonight there was one here in Arvada. It really poured hard tonight (and the thunder was an added effect to my Phantom of the Opera piano music). I had been working on my speech final exam for a while, when my mom called from the other room “There’s a rainbow outside!” I had taken a picture of the one in Colorado Springs yesterday, and I wanted to get a picture of this one too.

I’ve always liked rainbows, but tonight I was thinking more about them. They always remind me of the story of Noah because that’s when God placed the first rainbow in the sky promising that He would never again flood the entire earth. Most likely, the first thing that comes out of someone’s mouth when they see a rainbow isn’t, “Oh, I’m so glad that God didn’t flood the entire earth!” But the rainbow should be a reminder to us that God keeps all of His promises.

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