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Let Me carry your burden

Posted by on July 7, 2008

When I asked the LORD to give me
some of the burden to bear,
I did not expect it to be
so very heavy.

Weighed down and weary,
I stumbled along,
trying desperately to see
the end of the road.

Discouraged, I cried out
for others to help me.
So weak am I on my own.
With others beside me
we still are weighed down
with the heaviness of sorrow and pain.

Crying out to the Savior,
the Rock and Redeemer,
the burden seems lighter now.

Weary, so weary,
my soul is so dry.
The fountain of living water
refreshes my soul.

I still cannot see the end of the road,
but now with new strength from above,
pure joy fills my heart
as I serve and surrender.
My Shepherd will guide me to safety.

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