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Off to Greeley!

Posted by on August 17, 2005

Well, I am all packed and ready to move to Greeley tomorrow! I am EXTREMELY excited to move in with Loni and Ashley, and I can’t wait to see all my friends again! Not so excited about the orchestra audition, but hey, when you’re involved in music, it’s a part of life. I’ve practiced a lot this summer, and I can tell that I’ve improved. :) It was hard to work on things a lot of times during the school year cuz Kim would tell me SO many things to work on all at once, but this summer I’ve had a chance to catch up and work on the things she helped me with. I had a really good practice tonight, and I can play a lot of the stuff up to tempo (except the 4th movement of the Mozart–whew! SOOO fast!).

I just can’t say enough HOW MUCH I love music! We did so many fun things on our trip, but I think the moment I enjoyed THE MOST out of everything was last Friday night when we had a “concert” at the Gerlachs’ house. It was my idea. :) I had brought a couple duets along, and I thought it would be fun to play with Becca and Jessica. So we did violin and flute trios. :) I also played the Rachmaninoff piece I learned last semester–a solo! I’m surprised at myself that I even wanted to play it, but I REALLY felt like performing that night. I actually found that I WANTED people to listen to me, even when I practiced. That was no problem because there were so many people around all the time. It probably would have been impossible for me to be alone if I wanted that. Grandpa Chuck absolutely LOVED my playing. He could tell that I’ve gotten better, and he kept asking me “so, do you think you’ll get a job performing soon?” and “are you recording yet?” LOL I’m not THAT good! Anyway, back to Friday night. After our performing we had a worship time. Jessica or I played the chords on the piano, John and Nathaniel played guitar, and the rest of us sang. It was SO much fun. I can’t even describe it. The Gerlachs are so much like family, and even though we usually only see them like once a year, we are always so close when we’re together. :) I loved having all of us together in that little “music” room playing music together and singing. I even got my violin out and played special parts when Jessica was playing piano. It was SO awesome!

This is kind of a random blog, but it was SUPPOSED to be about me leaving for college tomorrow. I remember last year I was sad and nervous. The first night there was HORRIBLE. Katherine wasn’t there yet, and I was all alone in a strange place. Wow. This year will be different for sure–I’ll be with Ashley Tippie! And then Loni is coming on Friday! I’m so excited! I’ve really missed them this summer. I made so many good friends last year, and I can’t wait to be with them all again. But I will miss my family a lot too. I’ll have to ask Daddy questions over the phone, no more drinking vanilla tea on the patio with Mommy while we read our books (Mommy, I’m NOT trying to make you cry–we’ll do it again when I’m home), no more late night talks with Bosling (my nickname for Becca–don’t ask), no more working out in the basement while John plays his Cameroon choir music, and little Steve…half the summer it was just me and him at home with John and Becca away on mission trips. I’ve had so much fun with him, and he’s so cute! I’ll miss him tons! Oh, and Sydney! No more bedtime scratches for her for a while. But I’m ready for my second year of college! So here I go!

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