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Prayer for Contentment

Posted by on April 11, 2011

Dear FriendĀ – not just Friend – my Lord, my Savior, my Comforter, my Beloved, my Provider,

This place is a place perfectly designed that I may find You.

You are the Keeper of my tears, and You hold my feelings in Your hand. You know my deepest desire. You know my greatest need. You provide for me to bring me great joy. Who am I to determine what will make my joy fullest? The only reason I’m desiring change is because I believe that something else will bring me greater joy.

But, Lord, my joy comes from You. My contentment is in You. My satisfaction is in You. And You are right here. Here in the torrential storm of my heart. And when my eyes are on You, I see the rainbow, and the rain becomes a refreshing shower to soften the heard, distrustful edges of my heart.

Please take control of my heart. I only want to desire Your will. Any trials I face, I face with You. Make my heart open to completely accept Your will without doubt. Give me the wisdom to see Your work clearly, and may I rejoice at the sight.


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