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The ways of old-fashioned women

Posted by on June 25, 2005

It’s amazing how much the culture in America has changed over the years. Women used to always know how to cook, clean, sew, and care for children, and girls were taught those things at a young age. But today it is not rare to find a woman who can’t do at least one of those things.

Before this summer, I didn’t know how to cook, and I’m still not very good at it. It really is important for a woman to know how to cook, especially when she gets married and has a family of her own. John videotapes weddings and makes DVDs of them, and recently I was watching one with him that he made to make sure it turned out okay. He mentioned that the bride didn’t know how to cook, but the groom did, and he was going to teach her. That is sweet that he is going to teach her, but it still seems a little strange for the wife not to know how to cook. I’m very glad that I’m learning now before I meet my future husband so that I will already be a good cook by then (at least I hope so!).

Probably a big reason for so many women not knowing how to cook is fast food restaurants. It’s so easy to just run by somewhere on your way home to pick up food. There are also so many pre-made dinners that you can fix quickly (which are not a bad thing, by the way). Sometimes I wish that I could live back in the old days when women did so much work at home. Even though I do want to be a teacher, once I start my family I just want to be a stay at home mom like my mom. :)

I don’t know, it just seems like women were stronger back then. They knew all about caring for their family the way I think that women should. I know women think they have more power today because they are getting higher into business and politics and stuff, but I like the way women were in the pioneer days. Becca and I used to always pretend we were pioneers, and I still often think about how life was back then.

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