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Then and Now

Posted by on July 7, 2017

As any homeowner knows, house projects are a never-ending to-do list. However, it can be fun to see how your house transforms over time. We’ve been changing a lot of things in our home in just a little over a year!

outside of our house last fall — we have since gotten new windows (without grids) and are in the process of tearing out the bushes in front for some new landscaping

Step 1: chopping off all the branches

Step 2: digging up the root

Steve installing our new grill last summer — notice the little bush tree to the right in the corner of the deck

After the bush tree was removed

crazy wind and snowstorm destroyed our umbrella!

our new umbrella with LED lights :)

Sawing off dead tree branches (an HOA violation)

my first time at the house meeting Toby — sitting in the room that would later be turned into my music room!

my music room today where I have started giving private violin lessons

old window in the family room

new window in the family room

old kitchen window — we could hardly see out!

new kitchen window

old living room window with grids

new living room window — no more grids

old kitchen faucet — broke because our water pressure valve was broken and the pressure was way too high!

got our plumbing problems resolved and got a fancy new sink with sensors that I love to use while cooking!

old kitchen look — old light, old windows, no drapes

new kitchen light, new windows, and drapes

bedroom hallway — Steve’s old bedspread and set-up, and blank walls!

our bedroom now and decorated walls :)

Steve’s old bedroom set-up and old ceiling fan

our bedroom — new ceiling fan, painted walls, new windows, drapes, and new cozy couch chair

dining room before I moved in

after we painted the walls and set up my great-grandparents’ china cabinet



living room as I was unpacking my boxes last summer

living room after we painted around the window on December 31

old hallway light looking down into the living room

new hallway chandelier looking down into the living room

old hallway light

new hallway chandelier

just Steve and Toby in their bachelor pad

our family now!



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