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Toddler Bible Lessons – Week 14: Miracles

Posted by on January 27, 2021

Day 2: Blind Can See

*There are 4 activities for this day’s lesson. Feel free to choose one or two of the activities OR spread them out across several days.

  • Materials:
  • Bible (I like the NirV)
  • Coloring sheet with picture of Jesus touching blind man’s eyes, markers (brown for mud)
  • Activity #1: Small/medium box – “Mystery Box,” Various items that fit inside mystery box – can be objects that start with the same letter, objects that have different textures, objects that make noise, or just random objects, Blindfold (optional)
  • Activity #2: playdough,doll (one that it all plastic and can get wet if wanting to do the messier version), messy version: mud or chocolate pudding, tub of water for washing, brush for scrubbing
  • Activity #3: Glowsticks
  • Activity #4: Chocolate pudding, Crushed oreos, Edible candy eyes (optional)

Day 2: Lesson

  • Open Bible to John 9:1, 6-7. Ask if child wants to touch God’s Word. Touch gently. Then, read the verses. Clap and cheer for Jesus!

Sing (Tune: London Bridge)

  • If you’re blind, you cannot see, cannot see, cannot see (shake head and cover eyes)
  • If you’re blind, you cannot see – the world around is darkness (shake head and cover eyes)
  • Jesus has the power to heal, power to heal, power to heal (take hands off eyes)
  • Jesus has the power to heal – to give sight to our blindness! (take hands off eyes)
  • Jesus healed the blind man’s eyes. Touch your eyes! Jesus heals our hearts of sin and helps us to see Him. Touch your heart!

Coloring Sheet:

  • Since I couldn’t find a picture of this story in any of our children’s Bibles, I printed off a coloring sheet for an illustration. Katelyn loved it!
  • Peek at blind man’s eyes through TP tube. Look! Jesus is touching his eyes with mud. When the man washed off the mud, his eyes were healed. He could see!
  • Katelyn loved coloring with brown marker to make “mud.”

Activity #1: Mystery Box – Can’t See

  • Prep: Without your child seeing the item, place one object inside the “Mystery Box.”
  • Have child close eyes (or blindfold if desired) – reach inside the box and feel the item. Can you guess what it is? Open your eyes to see what it is! (Repeat the process)
  • We used some alphabet letters, and I helped Katelyn categorize the objects by the letter they start with. She had fun helping sort them. She (23 months) did not really understand the concept of guessing what the object was just by feeling it inside the box, but she enjoyed pulling each object out anyway.
  • I left the objects out for her to free play for a bit, and she enjoyed mixing the items – like putting the button inside the candle and closing the lid!

Activity #2: Doll Role Play

  • We just used play dough for this activity, and Katelyn loved it. She continued to play with the doll and play dough off and on for the rest of the morning. If we had a doll that was all plastic, I think it would be fun to use real mud or the chocolate pudding to put on the doll’s eyes and then wash it off with water!
  • Sing while putting “mud” on doll’s eyes and cleaning it off again:
  • (Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb) Jesus used mud to heal his/her eyes, heal his/her eyes, heal his/her eyes. Jesus used mud to heal his eyes – the blind man/girl now can see!

Activity #2: Glowstick Hide and Seek – Jesus is the Light of the World

  • Prep: Make a room as dark as possible by closing blinds/curtains and doors. Hide several glowsticks around a room so that the glow can be seen.
  • Sing while child finds hidden glowsticks (Tune: This Little Light of Mine) Jesus is the light of the world (2x) Jesus shines light in the dark (2x) See His light (3x)
  • I re-hid the glowsticks two more times, and Katelyn enjoyed getting to find them! She continued to have fun with the glowsticks and her train set after Bible Time. After lunch she asked me for some rice and pompoms to play with, and I buried the glowsticks for her to find. I’ve heard that you can put glowsticks in the bathtub for a “party bath,” so we’re planning to try that tonight!

Activity #3: Chocolate Mud Sensory Play – Jesus healed with mud

  • Prep: Crush oreos cookies (can have child help) – we didn’t use oreos this time. Fill a shallow baking dish with chocolate pudding and sprinkle oreo crumbles on top. Drop in some edible candy eyes.
  • Give child some spoons and cups to play in the “mud” – and eat some!
  • Sing (Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb) Jesus used mud to heal his eyes, heal his eyes, heal his eyes. Jesus used mud to heal his eyes – the blind man now can see!
  • I gave Katelyn a bowl with chocolate pudding, and we stirred in some milk to make it a little thinner for play. I gave her a second bowl with water in it for washing the eyes. She had fun dropping the candy eyes in the chocolate “mud” and then cleaning them off.
  • She also loves stirring, mixing, and helping with my cooking, so she enjoyed her own cooking game mixing the pudding into the water to create different textures of chocolate! After she was done playing, I rinsed the bowls out, filled up the kitchen sink with soapy water and let her play some more “doing the dishes!”

Closing: Mark 1:34, Jesus healed many people who were sick. Jesus healed the blind man’s eyes. Jesus heals our hearts of sin and helps us to see Him!

Note About Splitting Lessons like this one:

  • I split this lesson into 2 days. Most of the time when I split a lesson, I still do a “lesson” of sorts on each day. The first day is when I actually read the story from the real Bible. If there is a children’s Bible reading, I’ll often save that for the 2nd day.
  • I find that doing a “lesson” of sorts to begin the lesson helps keep the focus of the time. I have, however, done the activities with no lesson at all, and it has worked that way also. But I really do like to set apart Bible Time from any other random activity we may do throughout the day.
  • To start the 2nd day of this lesson, we sang the opening song. Then I handed Katelyn a cut toilet paper tube (I had one myself, too). I talked excitedly as we peeked through the tube toward the window. Yesterday after coloring the blind man coloring sheet, I had hung it up on the window. We peeked at the blind man and Jesus, and I reminded Katelyn of the story. Then we moved on to do Activities #3 and #4.

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