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Toddler Bible Lessons – Week 6: Ruth

Posted by on August 11, 2020

Day 4: Redemption and Love

*There are 3 activities for this day’s lesson. Feel free to choose one or two of the activities OR spread them out over several days! :)

  • Materials:
  • Bible (I like the NirV)
  • Wear sandals for this lesson
  • Activity #1: Cardboard, Single hole puncher, One piece of pipe cleaner, Pony beads (to string onto pipe cleaner), Isaiah 43:1 printed out on a small piece of paper (or just handwrite it)
  • Activity #2: Children’s puzzle
  • Activity #3: Wedding pictures/videos

Day 3: Lesson and Activities

  • Open Bible to Ruth 4:10 and 13. Ask if child wants to touch God’s Word. Touch gently. Then, “read” story. Boaz loved Ruth. But he could not marry her unless he redeemed her (bought her back) from a closer relative. The closer relative gave Boaz his sandal (take off sandal and give it to child) so that Boaz could redeem Ruth to become his wife. Boaz married Ruth.
  • Sing and dance: I Am Redeemed chorus by Big Daddy Weave
  • I am redeemed! You set me free! So I’ll shake off these heavy chains, Wipe away every stain That I’m not who I used to be. I am redeemed!
  • You can also listen to the song during Activity #1.

Activity #1:

  • Prep: Trace child’s foot on cardboard and cut it out. Punch 3 holes (to string pipe cleaner through) in the top center and on each side (like a flipflop sandal). I folded one piece of pipe cleaner in half and pushed it up through the center hole. Then I took the loop that was hanging out the back and twisted it a few times to hold it in place.
  • Have child string beads on both ends of the pipe cleaner.
  • Attach pipe cleaner to the side holes. I poked each end through the side hole and twisted it up through the loop on the back.
  • Read Isaiah 43:1 on strip of paper. Glue the paper onto the sandal. (I just wrote the verse on the cardboard)
  • Hide the sandal somewhere in the room and speak poem:
  • Once I was lost, (hide sandal) but now I am found (pull sandal out)
  • Jesus, my Savior, redeemed me!
  • Once I was lonely, (frown) but now I am loved (hug)
  • Jesus, my Savior, redeemed me!

Activity #2:

  • Hide puzzle pieces around the room. Have child find them and “redeem” them – put them back where they belong in the puzzle. Can speak “Once I was lost” poem again.
  • I used a foam puzzle with colored crayon pieces. I scattered the pieces all around the room. Katelyn has done this foam puzzle multiple times and loves to help put them back in the puzzle. She was excited to track down each piece and put it back. :)

Activity #3:

  • Boaz married Ruth just like Daddy married Mommy. Look at pictures/videos of Mommy and Daddy’s wedding. Katelyn enjoyed pointing to other family members in the book, too!

Closing: Speak verse James 1:17, Every perfect gift is from God. Marriage is a gift from God. Redemption is a gift from God!

Child-led Exploration: This was the first time Katelyn had ever seen pony beads. She loved them! So when the lesson was done, I put the beads in a tub and grabbed several other containers for her to drop them in. I had previously cut holes in the lids of several of the containers, and the beads made a different sound dropping down in each one. I also gave her a pipe cleaner and she practiced stringing the beads onto it.

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