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Toddler Bible Lessons – Week 8: David

Posted by on September 14, 2020

Sing Praises to God

We’ve taken several weeks off from Bible Time since I’ve been subbing weekly for the homeschool program. This week is my last week of subbing, so I wanted to get back into Bible Time with Katelyn. (She’s also had a tough time some days with teething and skipping her naps – so she hasn’t felt very well and has been pretty exhausted.)

It felt good to jump back into a routine with her. When I told her we were going to do Bible Time today, she was excited and ran into the playroom! She is going on 19 months now and is starting to love imaginative play. She also loves to copy what she sees you doing. So Bible Time just keeps getting better and better! She loved the teddy bear opening song, so I’m looking forward to repeating it each day we do our lessons.

This week focused on stories from the life of David. Themes are: shepherding/sheep, protection and care, looking at the outside of a person vs. God looking at the heart, God is big, trusting God’s power, mercy, and God’s presence with us. It’s going to be a great week!

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