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Toddler Bible Lessons – Week 3: Abraham

Posted by on July 12, 2020

A Happy Promise

Welcome to Week 2 of my Toddler Bible Lessons! This week focuses on stories of Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac from Genesis 15-22. You’ll notice that the verses from day to day jump around and aren’t necessarily in chronological order. I was going to introduce waiting for a baby on Day 2, and make the waiting last until Day 4. But when I started doing the lessons, it seemed disjointed, so I rearranged and condensed to make the learning flow better.

Themes are: waiting for God’s promises, God’s great reward, and God’s provision.

Weekly Verse: Psalm 67:6, God, our God, blesses us.

  • Weekly Routines – page 2
  • Day 1 Lesson and Activities – page 3
  • Day 2 Lesson and Activities – page 4
  • Day 3 Lesson and Activities – page 5
  • Day 4 Lesson and Activities – page 6
  • Day 5 Lesson and Activities – page 7

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