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One Note at a Time

My violin student stood poised and ready to play. The metronome ticked its pulse and I counted off for the song to begin. The soft melody of “Autumn Leaves Are Falling” floated from the half size violin. “Nice job!” I exclaimed. Since we need to get the song faster before the 1st grade program in … Continue reading »

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I just practiced for a full hour, and it felt AMAZING!!! :) I took these pictures during my practice for a photography assignment for my educational technology class. :)

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Musical Monday

My Aunt Kim came up with a really cool idea for journaling–writing about a different topic each day. ;) I wasn’t even planning on doing this, but my thoughts tonight were on music, and it fit with her description of Monday! :) My life has gotten super crazy in the past week as far as … Continue reading »

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As far as the east is from the west

The most AMAZING thing happened tonight! I was sitting and writing in my prayer journal, and AS I WAS WRITING, my prayer turned into a song! I could hear the tune and everything in my head! It was AMAZING! Definitely from God! :) So I rushed downstairs to figure out chords to it. And it … Continue reading »

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Summer fun with music

Despite the fact that I have finished my music minor, I am still having a lot of fun with music so far this summer. I bought a fiddle book, and it has been fun to learn to play “fiddle”! I am also learning to play a little bit of clarinet and flute, thanks to my … Continue reading »

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Tour of Spain

In the past couple of weeks, I completed my second year of college (and reached the halfway point!) and I have been to Spain and back! Spain was an AWESOME experience, especially getting to perform with UNC’s Symphony Orchestra 3 last times! :( I’m now moving on from music since I completed my music minor … Continue reading »

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My little shadow of grace

Everywhere I go this semester I have a little shadow that tags along with me–my violin. It’s not that I plan to carry it with me everywhere, but it hasn’t been convenient to use my locker in Frasier much. So instead, I carry my lightweight (thank God!) violin case everywhere. When I bought this new … Continue reading »

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