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Toddler Bible Lessons – Week 13: Disciples

Posted by on December 16, 2020

Day 4: Jesus Calms the Storm

*There are 3 activities for this day’s lesson. Feel free to choose one or two of the activities OR spread them out over several days! :)

  • Materials:
  • Bible (I like the NirV)
  • Activity #1: Clothes basket, Musical instruments/shakers
  • Activity #2: Plastic tub, Uncooked rice, Paintbrushes
  • Activity #3: Energetic music

Day 4: Lesson and Activities: Open Bible to Luke 8:22-25. Ask if child wants to touch God’s Word. Touch gently. Then, read the verses.

Activity #1:

  • Climb inside clothes basket “boat” with instruments/shakers.
  • Sing (Tune: Are You Sleeping?) Jesus is sleeping, Jesus is sleeping (rest head on hands) There’s a big storm! There’s a big storm! (shake instruments loudly) We can rest in Jesus, we can rest in Jesus (continue to shake instruments while lying down) Jesus says, “Be still!” Jesus says, “Be still!” (instruments are quiet) whisper Wow! Even the wind and the waves obey Jesus!

Activity #2:

  • Prep: Fill plastic tub with uncooked rice.
  • Use paintbrushes to quietly and calmly draw pictures in the rice.
  • Speak in a calm voice about how Jesus calmed the wind and the waves in the storm. When we trust in Jesus, He brings peace to our lives.
  • Sing (Tune: Still, Still, Still) Peace, peace, peace. Jesus calms and brings us peace. He knows us and loves us, Cares for us and stills us. Peace, peace, peace. Jesus calms and brings us peace.

Activity #3:

  • Play energetic music – dance around wildly like the wind and the waves in the storm!
  • When the music stops, lay down on the floor still and calm.
  • Say, Jesus calmed the storm. The wind and the waves obey Him!
  • Repeat activity.

Closing: Even the wind and the waves obey Jesus. We can trust Him!

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