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Toddler Bible Lessons – Week 12: Young Jesus

Posted by on December 8, 2020

Day 1: Simeon Meets Jesus

*There are 5 activities for this day’s lesson. Feel free to choose one or two of the activities OR spread them out over several days! :)

  • Materials:
  • Bible (I like the NirV)
  • Activity #1: 12 Googly eyes (the larger the better – we used ones that I thought were big but ended up looking pretty tiny in the muffin tin!), Muffin tin, Clothespin, Double-sided tape (or you can make painter’s tape work), Small bowl
  • Activity #2: Duplos/legos with 2 dots, Fingerpaint
  • Activity #3: Construction paper cut into glasses shape, Stickers, Markers
  • Activity #4: Flashlight
  • Activity #5: Flashlight

Day 1: Lesson and Activities

  • Open Bible to Luke 2:31-32. Ask if child wants to touch God’s Word. Touch gently. Then, read the following story and verses. A man named Simeon was in Jerusalem. He was eagerly awaiting the Messiah. He was waiting for God’s promise to come true. He met baby Jesus at the temple and got to hold him! Read Luke 2:31-32.

My Eyes Have Seen Your Salvation

Activity #1:

  • Prep: Place one googly eye in each section of muffin tin. Put double-sided tape along bottom of clothespin to make a sticky transferring tool. (Or fold a piece of painter’s tape sticky side out around the bottom of clothespin and then tape it down with a piece of tape wrapped around the clothespin.)
  • Have child transfer each sticky eye from the muffin tin into the bowl using the sticky transferring tool.
  • Sing (Tune: The Bear Went Over the Mountain) My eyes have seen Your salvation (3x) Jesus Christ has come!
  • Other googly eye fun activities: Bury googly eyes in oobleck to find and dig out, or make a sticky wall with faces and have child stick on the googly eyes.

Activity #2:

  • Prep: Draw faces on a sheet of paper (without the eyes).
  • Have child stamp eyes onto each face using 2 dot duplos/legos and paint.
  • After stamping the eyes, I gave Katelyn some blank sheets of paper to let her continue stamping how she wanted.

Activity #3:

  • Prep: Make construction paper glasses. I used my own sunglasses to trace the glasses diagonally on a piece of construction paper. I just had to roll the sunglasses to each side to make the 2D glasses shape.
  • Use stickers and markers to decorate pair of construction paper glasses.
  • Write verse across the top of glasses. “My eyes have seen Your salvation.” Luke 2:31

Jesus is the Light of the World

Activity #4:

  • Stand in dark room – turn on flashlight to show how Jesus is the Light in the darkness.
  • Sing (Tune: This Little Light of Mine) Jesus is the Light of the World, Jesus is the Light of the World Jesus shines Light in the dark, Jesus shines Light in the dark See His light, see His light, see His light!

Activity #5:

  • Flashlight Find game – give child flashlight and tell them to find different things in the room
    • Something that is a color
    • Something that is a shape
    • Hidden toys
    • More challening: something that moves, spins, smells good, etc.

Closing: Luke 2:40, The child grew and became strong. Jesus is our salvation!

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