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Toddler Bible Lessons – Week 12: Young Jesus

Posted by on December 8, 2020

Day 3: Jesus Grows Up

*There are 4 activities for this day’s lesson. Feel free to choose one or two of the activities OR spread them out over several days! :)

  • Materials:
  • Bible (I like the NirV)
  • Children’s Bible (I’m using the Say & Pray Bible for this lesson)
  • Activity #1: Tape measurer
  • Activity #2: Growth chart (or make your own with paper on the wall – can make it look like a ruler)
  • Activity #3: Big and small pompoms mixed, Two bowls, Pair of tongs
  • Activity #4: Magic grow capsules

Day 3: Lesson and Activities

  • Open Bible to Luke 2:40. Ask if child wants to touch God’s Word. Touch gently. Then, read the verse.
  • Open Say & Pray Bible to story. Read the story, verse, and prayer. Point to Jesus, ball, bird, house, window, broom, and dog.

Activity #1:

  • Hold up tape measure while singing (pretend to measure height, legs, arms, head, heart…)
  • Sing (Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat) Jesus grew up big and strong, His legs were getting long. His mind was smart, and so was His heart. And how He loved God so!
  • Verse 2: Katelyn grows up big and strong, her legs are getting long. Her mind is smart, and so is her heart. And how she loves God so!

Activity #2:

  • Prep: Make growth chart with butcher paper if you don’t already have a chart.
  • Read “So Big” by Dan Yaccarino
  • Measure child on growth chart
  • Speak: Grow up – SO BIG! (raise arms up) Grow up – SO BIG!

Activity #3:

  • Prep: Mix big and small pompoms together.
  • Present child with big and small pompoms mixed
  • Use tongs to sort the BIG pompoms in one bowl and the SMALL pompoms in the other bowl
  • Speak: This is BIG, BIG, BIG
  • Jesus grew BIG, BIG, BIG
  • And He got TALL, TALL, TALL!

Activity #4:

  • Put magic grow capsules in water to see the animals grow!

Closing: Luke 2:40, The child grew and became strong. God helps you to grow up big and strong, too!

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